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Joelle-Denise Lux

Research assistant in the joint project
"Potentials and limitations of digital games for decision-
making in the context of societal challenges
and their reflection in geography lessons"

Institute for Geography Education
Gronewaldstr. 2
50931 Köln

Gebäude 906 (Modulbau)
Herbert-Lewin-Str. 10
Raum 2.11


+49 (0) 221 - 470 8877


Lux, Joelle-Denise & Budke, Alexandra (2020): Playing with Complex Systems? The Potential to Gain Geographical System Competence through Digital Gaming. In: Education Sciences 10, 130.

Lux, Joelle-Denise & Budke, Alexandra (2020): Alles nur ein Spiel? Geographisches Fachwissen zu aktuellen gesellschaftlichen Herausforderungen in digitalen Spielen. In: GW-Unterricht 160(4), 22-36.


Teaching responsibilites, conference talks and other presentations

2021 Co-organization of the Theory-Practice Dialogue (conference) 2021, workshop on "climate change in games"

WS 2020/21 & SS2021 - Supervision of the independent Cologne excursion

May 2021 - Block seminar/ workshop on the development of games for geography education

April 2021 - EUROGEO 2021, Conference presentation titled "Playing with complex systems?"

2020 - Virtual excursion "Bringing socio-ecological challenges into geography education - impulses from political science and NGOs"

2019 - Poster presentation at the "Clash of Realities" Game Developer Conference

2019 - Moderation of a world café and poster presentation at the Theory-Practice Dialogue in Cologne 2019

2019 - DKG 2019 in Kiel, leading a discussion on our project in the session "Mündig sein in der Kultur der Digitalität" (Being mature in the culture of digitality)


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